Textile labs are integral in providing analytics and data to the textile and apparel industry through the development of high-quality products, the evaluation and/or development of specifications for an existing product, and/or the development of specifications for an existing product, and/or evaluation of the end use performance of a product. The primary purpose of textile testing, and analysis is to assess textile product performance and to use test results to make predictions about product performance. A sample of the textile itself can be tested in a number of ways including tension, bending, tear, puncture, friction, and abrasion. Product performance must be considered in conjunction with end use; therefore, tests are performed with this ultimate end use in mind.

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Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC.
Mount Prospect, Illinois United States     Distance: 6113.37 KM
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Applied Lab
Byron Center, Michigan United States     Distance: 6000.97 KM


Weber & Leucht Gmbh
Fulda, Germany     Distance: 3525.4 KM
Manhattan, Kansas United States     Distance: 6574.32 KM