8/22/2022  ASTM International

Global Partnerships Increase Adoption of Standards — and Grow Economies

Increasing the adoption of standards worldwide through strategic partnerships helps grow economies and build better lives.


ASTM International partners with organizations around the globe to further its mission of helping our world work better. From its collaboration with broad regional entities such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, to the formation of an international chapter in the United Arab Emirates, to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Program that recently welcomed its 118th member, ASTM’s global presence enables innovation.

Teresa Cendrowska, vice president of global cooperation at ASTM since 2007, has traveled the world meeting MoU representatives and attending industry and organization events, where she speaks about ASTM and its value in the marketplace. When Cendrowska began with ASTM, she worked in technical committee operations, where she gained extensive experience with committees, members, and standards development, before moving to global cooperation.

Cendrowska recently shared some of her knowledge and expertise as she spoke about the role of international standards developers like ASTM — and its partnerships — in today’s world, while looking ahead to how that role will continue to evolve in the future.

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