Due to the increased reliance on scientific methodologies in most criminal investigations, forensic laboratories have never been more important.  Forensics Labs are scientific laboratories that primarily utilize forensic science for the purpose of examining evidence from criminal cases.  These labs take collected evidence samples from crime scenes and will analyze and interpret these samples.  This evidence can include biological samples/DNA, explosives, fire debris, firearm residue, textile fibers, latent prints, drugs, alcohol, tire tracks/tool marks, and other controlled substances of trace evidence.  Forensic laboratories are crucial in the criminal justice system and maintain consistency amongst various scientific testing protocols. 

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Texas Department Of Public Safety
Corpus Christi, Texas United States     Distance: 6678.33 KM
TCNA Product Performance Testing Lab
Anderson, South Carolina United States     Distance: 5812.29 KM


JIS 2801
ISO 10993-5
UNI 11259
ISO 10678
ISO 13125
Texas Department Of Public Safety
Houston, Texas United States     Distance: 6558.57 KM